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Android 15 new feature might apply Dark Mode on all apps

Key Points

  • Google is preparing to allow users to add Dark Mode on all apps with the Android 15 operating system.
  • The purpose of this feature is to provide a dark theme across apps without affecting images in Android 15.
  • Android 15 streamlines the process of applying Dark Mode, making customization easier than ever before.

Android 15 is expected to bring bundles of prominent capabilities and one of them could be the ability to apply Dark Mode on all apps. It means the next version of Google’s operating system will let users say hello to universal Dark Mode, a highly anticipated addition.

As per the information, Google is working on a new feature to make the dark theme applicable to all apps at once and this was first spotted in the Android 14 version. The feature is designated as “Make all apps dark” in the Color and Motion option inside the Settings app.

Dark mode has gained immense popularity over the years, providing users with an eye-friendly interface that reduces strain on the eyes and conserves battery life. Therefore, to make this feature even more effective, Google is working tirelessly and the recent element is one of its testament.


With Android 15, users will be able to effortlessly activate dark mode across all compatible apps including those that previously did not support the dark theme. While the exact details about this feature is yet to be revealed, developers are actively working to ensure a more seamless experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that, the introduction of this new brings numerous benefits to the user experience. Such as, it reduces eye strain, enhances the visibility of content, conserves battery life, and more.

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Android 15 new feature might apply Dark Mode on all apps

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