Download Pixel’s Google Camera App (GCam 7.3) on Your Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra

Google Camera is the stock camera app for the Google Pixel phones. It has official support for advanced features like Astrophotography and some others.

Here’s the list of eligible Samsung devices that will get the One UI 3.0/Android 11

What is GCam Mod?

GCam Mode brings the Google Camera app to several smartphones and ensures that all features work with them. There are several versions of GCam. Some versions are for multiple Android smartphones, while others are made specifically for a single smartphone.

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These are stable Google Camera versions compatible with the Samsung devices:

You can download the Google Camera 7.3 for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ units. The GCam Mod 7.3 is compatible with all the Galaxy S20 variants like Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

Download GCam 7.3 for the Galaxy S20 series

You can download the Gcam 7.3 in two different versions from different developers:


GCam UltraCVM (Based on Arnova’s 5betaFinal.7.3.020 builds):

GCam 7.3 Parrot043

GCam 7.3 by Urnyx05.

GCam 7.3 Arnova8g2

How to download and install Google Camera on your smartphone:

The procedure is quite simple and you just need to follow the instructions below:

  • Download the APK provided
  • Select and Install it (Allow app installation from external sources).
  • Open the Google Camera (Once the icon appears in your launcher).
  • Done!

Compatibility and requirements:

  • Only works on phones with the camera2 API enabled;
  • Mod compatible with modern Snapdragon SoCs. Some versions work on some Exynos, Kirin, and Mediatek phones, but usually with limitations.
  • Most APK only support ARM64;
  • Recent APK may not work on older Android versions;
  • Requires GApps or a replacement like microG (more info);
  • Android only;

Let us know in the comments below if you face any issue with the above GCam version.



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