Download Latest OnePlus Buds App -V4.1.265 [OxygenOS 12]

OnePlus Buds App

OnePlus Buds app interaction between OnePlus smartphones and our new true wireless headset is linked with a number of system settings. To ensure a seamless experience, the company changed the OnePlus Pods app (now we’ve renamed it to “OnePlus Buds”) in the latest stable update for devices with OnePlus 6 and above.


As more and more users are enjoying the OnePlus Buds, the company keeps getting some customization tips regarding our true wireless products. This requires us to promote product iteration, so we decided to put the app on the Google Play Store to provide the latest full experience to our users.

The OnePlus Buds app allows you to update the firmware of the OnePlus TWS and change its settings. Now, you can connect OnePlus TWS to the OnePlus device through a dedicated pop-up window.

Download the latest version of OnePlus Buds App

Google Play Store

OnePlus Buds V4.1.265

[Update: July 19, 2022]

OnePlus is releasing a new update for the OnePlus Buds App with version V4.1.265 via the OnePlus/Google Play Store. The latest update brings some general improvements to enhance the overall performance.

As per the release notes, no new feature has been added but you will definitely get a smooth usability experience after updating to the latest version. You will need to download a 28.67 MB package to install the update. You can directly download the latest update from the link given above.

[Update: 13 June 2022]

Recently, OnePlus has released a software update to OnePlus Buds apps that bring some fixes for the knows issues. After updating your OnePlus Buds app you will get an improved and better sure experience.

OnePlus Buds App

Try features like this:

  • In-Ear Wear Detection
  • Headset Touch Settings
  • Find the Headset
  • Frequent Headset Firmware Upgrades


  • This app is only available on OnePlus devices.
  • If you can’t find the features after downloading the app, please update your phone to the latest version and try again.
  • Some features are only available on the stable OS version of the OnePlus 6 and above.

Some suggestions:

  • Check the battery level of the headset and the headset box
  • Quickly Find Earphones
  • Update Headset Software

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