Download the latest Mi Cleaner 4.5.4 APK

by Sheetal

Mi Cleaner is Xiaomi’s official application for deleting unusable files from smartphones. If you have a smartphone of this company, then you can already know something about the app on all Xiaomi smartphones.

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A single tap can help you delete a large number of files that you no longer need. These include cache, duplicate photos, files from uninstalled apps, and many other elements that take up unnecessary space on your smartphone. Below you can check the latest version download link.


Note: The above download link is from Apk Mirror.

To open the application, just click the scan button. After that, you will get a complete list of all the files that Mi Cleaner thinks can be removed. Browse the results to decide what to keep and what to go, and then get rid of everything you want with one click.

You can also see the size of each file when it was last modified, and the location of the file will help you determine whether you want to delete it.

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