Facebook adding audio chat rooms, podcasts, and sound bites features to mobile application

Recently, Facebook has introduced a new tool that will allow users to export posts of texts, including notes. Users will be able to transfer their data directly to Google Drive, Blogger, and WordPress. The feature is spread worldwide and is part of the social network’s efforts to give users better control over their data.

The new Facebook tool has come after making it easier for users to transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos through social networking.

And now, Facebook announced the upcoming audio-centric features on their mobile app, including their app Dio Chat Room, Podcasts, and “Sound Bytes”.

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Audio chat rooms, which are being added to Facebook groups and will also be made available to public figures outside of those groups, are as simple as that they provide the same functionality to clubhouses, Twitter spaces, and other apps. Facebook is also adding features like fundraising, where speakers in the room can invite viewers to donate for a special cause.

Podcasts will allow you to listen to podcasts from the Facebook app, just as apps like Spotify and Google Podcast do. Unlike more dedicated services, however, Facebook will integrate podcasts into their social-based ecosystem, enabling podcast creators to better interact with their audiences and connect with more people.

Facebook will suggest new podcasts based on what you’ve seen and what you like. Finally, SoundBytes is a new type of post that allows users to create short-form audio content and clips and allows users to create SoundBytes with all-new audio creation tools fueled by AI to enhance AI audio quality and add sound effects and voice effects.