Galaxy S24 Series Samsung Find app

Galaxy S24 Series brings new app ‘Samsung Find’ to find devices and people

Samsung Galaxy S24 series arrived with several sophisticated capabilities and the latest information claims that the newly launched device also brings a new app called Samsung Find. Therefore, it looks like, One UI 6.1 has spun off the SmartThings Find feature into a separate app called Samsung Find.

According to the information, Samsung Find is a new app that comes preloaded on the newly arrived Galaxy S24  series. This dedicated application provides a map view of your Galaxy devices on the SmartThings Find network. You can also track items you’ve attached to your Galaxy SmartTag trackers.

This app also provides the ability to find people rather than being limited to just devices, which is a bold move toward offering a more optimized experience to its users. But it lacks the Notify When Left Behind feature, which sends you a notification to let you know that you may have left an important item or device behind.

The three tabs presented in the new Samsung Find app include Devices, Items, and People. The Devices tab shows where your and your family members’ devices are. The Items tab lets you find your Galaxy SmartTags. While the People tab allows you to share your location with your family members.

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Galaxy S24 Series brings new app ‘Samsung Find’ to find devices and people

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