Among Us getting new update with some bug fixes, and improvements for PC

by Mohit

Among Us has become the world’s most downloaded mobile game. Exceeding other popular games like “PUBG Mobile“. In 2021 the company tested some new features and updates. The developers will bring a new map and social network to the game this year. The game also includes new tasks for players.

The third and newest map available in the party game is the Polus map in Among Us, but like any level, it never looks the same as it did when it first appeared.

Earlier, to give players a glimpse of Paul’s early stages, the creators of Among Us shared a sketch shown long before the formation of InnerSlot Paul, which features different concepts and details than current maps.

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Recently, Among Us released the latest update on PC with the version which brings some fixes for the blank screen when creating a new room, when players unable to find any lobbies in the public list and age-gate reduced to 13.

Additionally, the developer just added Quickchact which is an easier, faster, and safer option to play if you’re using text chat. Besides this, the Airship has new functions for players and is much more advanced than previous maps, including launchers and elevators that players must use to access different areas of the ship.

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