AT&T announced closure of WarnerMedia in $43 billion deal to merge with Discovery

AT&T today announced the closure of WarnerMedia in a $43 billion deal to merge with Discovery, resulting in the formation of Netflix and Disney’s new “Premier, Independent Global Entertainment Company”. Of. IGN said the deal would also affect the videogame scene.

Many of IGN’s observations focused on the video content of the deal but told the AT&T site that Warner Bros. would not sell a portion of the interactive entertainment.

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No details were given on how the company would be split, but WBIE itself is the parent company to a dozen studios, including the Netherlands Realm, Monolith, Avalanche, Rocksteady, TT Games, Pledemic, and WB San Diego, Boston, Montreal. Includes games studio. , San Francisco, and New York.

Some of those studios, and the games they work on – Mortal Kombat, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Batman: Arkham, and Lego, to name a few – will remain with AT&T, while others will go with the new company, ”a spokeswoman told Axios reporter Sarah Fisher.

It is impossible to say what effect the change will have on individual games or studios, although a large bunch like Mortal Kombat will not be immediately recognizable. The less obvious question is who will gain control over the famous Nemesis system, for which Warner filed a patent in 2015, and what they will do with it.

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