Battlefield 6 reveals more features about weapon carrier gliding suits in the upcoming update

Tom Henderson, who previously revealed the news of Battlefield 6, aired earlier today in the live broadcast, he gave the audience more information about the new “Battlefield” work he was familiar with. In the live broadcast, he mentioned for the first time that he had already seen the promotional video of Battlefield 6.

He personally gave the preview a total of 10 points and scored 9 points. He revealed: “The video starts under the blue sky and white clouds and the environment eventually becomes rainy and chaotic.” “In the video, we’ll see the game’s background settings, soldiers’ design, amazing graphics, and new gameplay techniques, vehicles, weapons, and more.”

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Regarding the new game map mechanism, Tom Henderson explained that the map includes day and night switches and a dynamic weather system. “This time, the level will not be deceived like Battlefield 4. This time it is completely consistent with the main process of each game.

Second, Tom reveals that the players’ armor in the game is central to the game equipment system, just as the weapons and equipment in the game can be taken away from the players. Players can change all the details of the gun using a variety of “ingenious” shields; Including futuristic armor and Ronin helmets from the “Call of Duty” series. The theme of the game is set in the near future of 2030 or 2040, with many weapons and armor to choose from in the future.

In Battle Royale mode, players can use the Hang gliding wings to move on the map when asked to launch. Finally, many other details should be revealed, such as the new matching mechanism that assigns teams based on a smooth mobile system, player K/D ratio, screen and physics engine upgrades, and more.

Tom Henderson has long played various shooting games that “Battlefield 6” attracts many players who love the “Call of Duty” series; As far as he knows, the game continues to receive content updates 3 to 5 years after its release.

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