Battlegrounds Mobile India: Everything we know so far

With KRAFTON teasing the release date for Battlegrounds Mobile India soon and an early access version out right now here is all the information about the upcoming mobile battle royale game compiled into a single, easy-to-find place.

Interesting players can now go to the KRAFTON official website to download and install the beta versions of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is expected that the company will soon start releasing, this is India, which are exclusive versions of the famous PUBG mobile for the average user.

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What Is Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is, simply put, Krafton’s second attempt at releasing PUBG Mobile in India after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile back in September 2020.

Taking directives by the Indian government into account, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been changed from PUBG Mobile to have less violence, more health warnings when starting up the game, and a stricter privacy policy to avoid the wrath of the Indian government.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Download Size

Going by the early access APK that has been making the rounds, Battlegrounds Mobile India is weighing in at a 700MB download for Android phones. However, after downloading and installing all additional necessary files for the game, its size bags up to around 1.74GB.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

After an early arrival of two weeks, Krafton has made Battlegrounds Mobile India officially available to all through the Google Play Store for Android. The download size of the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is approximately 723MB. IOS version is not yet available.

Interesting players can now go to the KRAFTON official website or Google Play Store to download and install the stable versions of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has started releasing the stable version in India, which is exclusive versions of the famous PUBG mobile for the average user.

Battleground Mobile India – Download Link

Battlegrounds Mobile India – Download Link [Google Play Store]


Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Release Date

Krafton is yet to release any details about the iOS release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has, however, stated that the iOS version is important and will be released at some point.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Game Modes

While Battlegrounds Mobile India’s flagship game mode will undoubtedly be its battle royale mode, considering all the additions to its predecessor, PUBG Mobile, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more game modes, a team deathmatch mode, or crossover-centric events added to the game down the line. However, it is likely that Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature the classic Solo, Duos, and Squad modes, alongside a choice between playing the game in third-person, or first-person.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Maps

Considering its similarities to PUBG Mobile as well as the general marketing used by Krafton, it’s safe to assume that Battlegrounds Mobile India will include three of PUBG Mobile’s main maps—Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Erangel is a tropical island with a relatively sparse distribution of fauna, featuring several settlements and military bases. Miramar is a desert area. Sanhok is a smaller, denser map with a focus on encouraging more head-to-head action.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer

If the early access release is anything to go by, it looks like Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow PUBG Mobile players to transfer over their old accounts to the new game. This means that players who might have spent money on in-game items and cosmetics will be able to use them again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Hardware Requirements

On Android, Battlegrounds Mobile India seems to be in an incredibly well-optimized release of PUBG Mobile. The Google Play listing for Battlegrounds Mobile India lists a requirement of 2GB of RAM, and Android version 5.1.1 or above. Considering the fact that version 5 of Android—nicknamed Lollipop—was released back in 2014, this means that just about any Android smartphone available today should be able to run the game with ease.

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