Call of Duty latest surviving  Firebase Z – Guide to newest Black Ops Cold War Zombie Map

by Mohit

After Call of Duty – Express the latest Season One content of Black Ops Cold War, the developer releases another map with main areas to strategies around the two new support items and Tombstone Soda Perk, this is a mainly spoiler-free guide on what you need to know about “Firebase Z.”

This is now available in Black Ops Cold War Zombie the next chapter in its white-knuckle Dark Aether story, “Firebase Z.”

As revealed by Treyarch, this brand-new Zombies map, which is free on all platforms, continues the hidden arms race between Requiem and Omega Group following the events of “Die Maschine.”

Although Requiem has fallen far behind their adversaries, their operators will have new support items and a new Perk at their disposal to fight through the undead waves and attempt to investigate and escape another of these Dark Aether outbreak sites.

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Here’s what hides in the shadows of “Firebase Z,” and the tips we can shed some light on that can help you survive this upcoming mission.

Follow these tips in this latest Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War Zombie Map – Firebase Z:

  1. Training Grounds: The Village and Helipad. Before the power is activated, players can use the large open space around the Helipad’s crashed helicopter to keep the undead at bay. Alternatively, once the power is activated, the various buildings in the Village can be a great place to circle around and slowly pick off dozens of chasing zombies, especially with a close-quarters weapon like an SMG or shotgun.
  2. Rack Up Those Trials: Reaching the Trials computer in this map is far easier (and less expensive) than the one in “Die Maschine.” It may be worth completing a few of these Trials before venturing onward, as they can reward rare weapons, power-ups, or even some Salvage for a small Essence fee.
  3. Artillery for Offense Against Clusters, Napalm for Area Denial: While both new Support items can be great against the horde, the Artillery is best used when targeting multiple zombies in a group. Meanwhile, the Napalm Strike is better used to lock down specific chokepoints or prevent the undead from advancing, lest they walk through the flames and take significant damage over time.
  4. Save Your Resources for Assault Rounds: It’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed during an Assault Round, especially if the whole squad is light on Support and ammo for their most powerful weapons. Ensure the whole squad is well-prepared for these blitzes as soon as they are announced and make use of that free Support at whatever Defense area you have to protect from the horde.
  5. Tombstone Soda – Life After the Last Ride: Upgrading Tombstone Soda fully can help your squad survive for more rounds, as retrieving everything lost upon death at a Tombstone stash is far better than having to start from scratch.

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