Call of Duty Mobile highlights some of the new features with Multiplayer map coming to Season 2 update

by Mohit

Call of Duty –  Mobile announced to bring the latest weapon in the next update including a new battlefield. In addition, they unlock the COD Mobile Battle Pass to obtain David Mason – Enforcer. Also, a new legendary weapon and epic items have been added back to the COD Mobile store.

Recently, Call of Duty highlight the upcoming update which indicates that the developer has prepared a high-octane firefight as Shoot House with the Multiplayer map list courtesy of Season 2 in COD Mobile. Call of Duty will introduce Modern Warfare, the Shoot House 24/7 Playlist on mobile with Season 2 in the coming week.

Shoot House is a small-to-mid-sized military training course built to reward precision, speed, and tactical maneuvering. The map features a classic three-lane design littered with shooting targets, shipping containers, ravaged vehicles, and other raw materials.

Tips and Tactics 

It’s all about angles in Shoot House. This small map already divides up into distinct sections that force tight combat around scattered cover, whether you’re fighting around shipping crates or junkyard automobiles. Winning consistently means internalizing these cover points so that you know where to look for the next attack and where to launch your own.

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Straight Shot: RUS-79U Gunsmith Configuration

  • Primary Weapon: RUS-79U
  • Attachments: MIP Light Barrel (Short), 38 Round Extended Mag, MIP Laser 5mW, Strike Foregrip, Sleight of Hand
  • Secondary Weapon: FHJ-18
  • Perks: Agile, Toughness, Hardline
  • Equipment: Trophy System, Sticky Grenade

Scorerestreak Field Guide

All Scorestreaks go on Shoot House, open skies provide plentiful room for devastating aerial attacks and the map’s three-lane design sets up strong lines of attack for ground-based attacks. Aerial drops like the Care Package and XS1 Goliath work great here, as well, considering the relative safety of the gate spawns for both teams.

Object Play

Domination is a great mode on Shoot House, setting the flags in a nearly straight line with B placed right in the center junction. As A and C are largely safe in their spawn zones, B turns into an epic fight, with players pouring in from all four sides. If enemy snipers get too complacent on the center sidewalls, flank around and take them out from behind.

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