Call of Duty Warzone update brings massive amount of new features, League Play, stability improvements, and more

by Mohit

Microsoft has been rapidly expanding its internal Xbox Game Studio in recent years, setting up studios such as Double Fine, Obsidian Entertainment, and Bethesda, including all its sub-studios, but new rumors suggest they may also be making big deals.

There are definitely plenty of places to interpret, and providing a little more information to Corden, he said that Microsoft is planning to release the game from “leading third-party AAA studios”. Without giving away anything, Corden says the game looks “quite promising” and will feature an “ambitious connected world”. The game should be unveiled either this year or later.

The audience of the shareware battle royale has been experiencing technical problems with the game for a long time. Warzone currently weighs over 200GB. And the new patch turned out to be 2 times heavier than a separate AAA game.

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Recently a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the update loader for Warzone. The downloadable patch weighs 101.11 GB. According to the information posted on the Resident Evil Village page on the Microsoft Store, the approximate size of the game will be 45.02 GB. Thus, the patch for Warzone is 2 times larger than an AAA game.

Battle Royale Warzone, in addition to the classic modes of play alone or in a squad, offers to fight for the loot – bags of money. At one point, the game began to take up so much space that it was impossible to install it on the PS4. The problem with “devouring” space on drives exists from the start of the game. The weight of the game continues to grow, despite the promises of the developers.


With the latest update, more and more indications have appeared in the game that the game will receive a global update, accompanied by a nuclear strike on the game map. The upcoming update could be the largest in Warzone history.


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