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Cryptic new Sonic The Hedgehog game coming in 2022

by Mohit

Thursday’s Sega’s Sonic Central stream was full of ads, but there’s nothing more exciting than the news that the new Sonic the Hedgehog game will arrive in 2022. The game only got the secret logo, but Sega confirmed that it would come with Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

A short teaser trailer at the end of Sonic Central Stream shows Sonic fleeing from the jungle. The video does not even include the gameplay or the title of the game, but it looks like a new, mainline 3D sonic game.

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In addition to the new game, Sega has announced the re-release of the Niganto Wii Exclusive Sonic Colors: Sonic Colors: Ultimate. This new port is also coming on all platforms and includes the digital deluxe version, which promises game aesthetics, as well as early access and exclusive music.

SEGA has announced a collection called Sonic Origins, which includes the classic Sonic Games 1, 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic CDs all in one place. This compilation game Sonic 3 has been featured in the new collection for a long time, as the legal issues surrounding its soundtrack take it back. The date or venue for this collection has not yet been confirmed.

Sonic’s mobile title is also getting more support from SEGA, with Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces receiving more events and updates. Sonic Racing for Apple Arcade is also adding retro-inspired tracks, music and old-school Sonic skin.

On the animated side of things, Sonic is getting a two-part Sonic Colors spinoff series called Sonic Colors: Rise of Whispe. The franchise is also getting the new Netflix series Sonic Prime, which has been confirmed to have 24 episodes and is set for a worldwide release in 2022.

Sega has unveiled several other ads related to Sonic in relation to other games. Blue Hedgehog and his friends bring the characters and objects of the series to the medical world through the “Sonic Pack” at Game Two Point Hospital.

The upcoming Last Judgment, a spin-off game from the Yakuza series, features the arcade fighting game Sonic the Fighters in its digital arcade. Finally, Sonic will be seen as an outfit at the new Sega Sports Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, further strengthening the belief that the title will replace Sonic and Mario in the Olympic Games series.

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