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Here’s how to download latest global version of PUBG Mobile 1.4 update – [Download Link]

by Mohit

PUBG Mobile has announced to bring its next major update with a new title called PUBG New State for iOS and Android, which is leading Battle Royale to further earn a huge multiplayer segment in the future.

In addition to this, Tencent also announced its partnership with Godzilla vs. Kong. Players can attend an in-game event along with an upcoming movie that includes game mode and theme content.


Similarly, in a simple battle royal, the goal is to stand last among a hundred warriors. When one of those warriors becomes a 300-foot-tall radioactive lizard, you need a little more than a UZI to remove it. The player’s next update to the anonymous Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds introduces a crossover with Godzilla vs Kong, the legendary giant’s monsters on mobile maps this weekend.

At semi-random times during online matches, Godzilla, King Kong, and Mechagodzilla appear and begin to destroy the local environment, players, and other monsters. The Titans are a lot of fun coming out of your little human perspective, but the game revolves around them, so look behind you with other players.

The monsters release energy crystals in their background, which can be used to increase your abilities, push and shoot other players or locate them nearby and steal the Apex Features map from the will dot image.

This monster event will be broadcast live with a 1.4 patch, which is due to hit on Tuesday and runs until June 8. From May 25, you will be able to play the last of the program, Titan Last Stand, on a helicopter. Lobby. After that, the Microcosm turns the event players into small “pests” and travels around the map through a wormhole, and becomes invincible to common weapons (except frying pan).

Other changes include a new over-shoulder view, a new map for Arena mode, a new coupe RB vehicle, and various bug and balance fixes. You can log in from May 11 to 16 to get 2888 battle points, 100 ace gold, and a special “Banana Bonanza” item.

This update includes exclusive fulfillment related to Kong vs Godzilla collaboration, a new vehicle, maps, and other elements. However, to enter the PUBG Mobile 1.4 users need to apply an invitation or binding code.

Download Links


  • Download the PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK file
  • Enable the “Install from Unknown Source” option
  • Install the downloaded APK file
  • After installing, the player can log in with their PUBG Mobile account
  • Apply the invitation code and tap the yellow button to play
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