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Download PUBG 12.2 Battleground root of 8×8 map Taego [Link]

by Mohit

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ newest update 12.2 is here and brings with it a new 8×8 map, TAEGO. The map itself also has a number of unique characteristics, like landmarks and wildlife that will react to the sound of gunfire.

Adding to this, PUBG 12.2 Taego, which is the same size as its first map. Players can currently play on the new map in solo or squad modes, and it notably doesn’t have a red zone or any inclement weather. However, its most unique elements are all gameplay-centered, including the aforementioned comeback mechanic and a new self-revive item.


PUBG Battlegrounds update 12.2 with the latest Survivor Pass – Taego for PC and console players so they can start unlocking a variety of TAEGO themed rewards. This 12.2 update is available today on console, following its availability on PC last week. Full PC patch notes can be found here and console patch notes can be found here.

Throughout the map, developers have focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interactions with the environment to improve your gameplay experience.

PUBG 12.2 Taego

What’s New in PUBG 12.2 Taego

  • Welcome to TAEGO
  • Introducing “Survivor Pass: TAEGO” 
  • Drive in Style with Hyundai’s Pony Coupe
  • Self AED
  • New Weapons

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Players of different versions may not be compatible with each other, so please update as soon as possible. Users can download this game from the Official App Store or download it via the direct link process mentioned below.

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