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Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker is arriving on November 23, check out the new 6-minute trailer

by Mohit

At the end of the main live stream of Final Fantasy 14, Game Director Naoki Yoshida gave an appropriate release date of November 23, 2021. He acknowledged that it was slightly later than expected due to the Covid-19 epidemic and that the development team had not done so. Wants to compromise facilities to release in advance. We have updated the following article to reflect this.

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Everything is in the air with left and right delays in the Covid-19 pandemic game, but the next expansion of Final Fantasy 14 is coming on November 23rd, slightly behind its regular schedule. The news was announced today during Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Fest and although it was disappointing that the expansion came a little late, last year its overall update schedule was expected to be delayed.

Unlike other MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 runs on a very strict schedule, with major patches dropping every 3 months, but there have been some minor delays since switching from home to work last year. Previous FF14 deployments were always launched in the summer, but those delays pushed things back a bit.

In addition to the release date, Square Enix has also featured an expanded CG trailer for the new release, which is as awesome as ever. You can watch the six-minute trailer above. It does not reveal many new details, but it is filled with new places and leads to the development of some major stories.

Endwalker is going to be a very important expansion. This marks the end of the current story arc that continues from Final Fantasy 14, which initially started as a deeply flawed MMO (which was later changed for the better). Not typical for MMOs, it will be a big, dramatic ending that marks the end of the current story – MMO continues. But what happens next is still a big mystery.

We will have more information about the expansion as soon as they become available. Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker arrives on November 23, 2021.

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