Google Stadia’s new trailer revealed the release date of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

by Mohit

On May 4th and you know what that means for everyone who doesn’t have at least one set of R2D2 pajamas. But there are enough people at Google that got a good Easter Life Day egg. Make a Google search for “Star Wars Day“.

The same thing happens with “R2d2”, “4th”, “Ewok,” “Stormoutroper,” “Lightsaber,” and “C3 Po”, but some other Star Wars talk also sparked it.

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According to AndroidPolice, users can see those of us at the end of the second season of Mandalorian will be eliminated on May 4 this year. With over a dozen Star Wars shows, this is a good time to be a fan and definitely, a good time since The Rise of Skywalker arrived.

If you like your Pew-Pew video game, Google also celebrates it at Stadia. Stadia Pro customers Star Wars JD: Fallen Order, which is basically Dark Souls with Lightbars. Even if you’re not super into Star Wars, it’s a really strong game, and it’s not going to be severely punished for its style.

Google Stadia without Sports Pro is $ 40, so this is a good perk if you subscribe, and worth just ten bucks a month to claim it. If you want to play it locally, Steam is offering Lucas’ game today for $20 and it’s cheaper on consoles as well.

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