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Google Stadia’s new update brings an updated UI along with search bar

by Mohit

Google Stadia has developed as a service since its launch in late 2019, and its list has grown exponentially. Companies have assumed that cloud gaming has not created a ripple, but even for users who want to play the latest AAA titles, or some casual games, without the need for a console or powerful PC hardware, it remains an attractive option.

Because they have a proper internet connection. They have also seen a resurgence during the current chip shortage, as users have not been able to get new PC parts such as GPUs, CPUs, and power supplies. Google Stadia is getting an update that brings an updated UI along with a search bar.

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Google Stadia has a search bar. It seems strange that the company’s service, which started as a search engine in 1998, will last a long time without a search bar, but so far, we are here. Snarky comments aside, however, Google Stadia’s search function will allow you to search through Stadia’s game library, allowing you to quickly and easily find games and add-ons quickly and easily.

The search bar is rolling together with an improved UI that introduces features like library sorting, which will allow you to sort your library and keep track of all your free, purchased, and pro games.

And this is exactly what this special update is for, while the team has also shared some of the features they are currently working on in their blog post. One of them is an activity feed, which, according to Google, can “show off your best video captures and helps friends find your game states with State Share.” You’ll also be able to see content shared by other players and, if you want to, play the games they play.

And finally, Google Stadia users will soon be able to access the service, not just through the app, but through the Android web browser. And the web version will now allow you to delete captions in bulk.

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