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Here’s how to navigate the Ghost and Shadow ruins of Fortnite Season 6

by Mohit

Fortnite is in its Season 6th and 11th week and with it come new batch challenges to complete. This week’s challenges aren’t too hard, though there are a couple you want to know before you jump.

Most importantly you need to travel to the Ghost and Shadow ruins and there are three unmarked places you need to visit to make it on the map. Unfortunately, they are both spread out, so it is difficult to visit all three in the same match.

The good thing is, your progress is progressing from one match to another, so you don’t have to worry about visiting all three in the same game. In this guide, we will show you where to find three locations to complete the latest challenge. Here’s how to navigate the Ghost and Shadow ruins of Fortnite.

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Locations of Ghost and Shadow ruins

Above is a map (thanks, Fortnite.gg) featuring the three locations you’ll need to visit for this challenge. We highly recommend attempting this in Team Rumble so you can get around the map easier.

Each time you’re eliminated in this mode, you spawn back in the air, making it easier to glide to your next objective. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a vehicle to get across the map, which sometimes isn’t feasible in the heat of battle.

You’ll also want to select your route based on the formation of the storm. If there’s a location that will soon be overtaken by the storm, you should head there first to get it out of the way — hopefully allowing you time to reach the others before the match is over.

As with most challenges, you’ll gain credit for each location in any order, which makes things a little easier. Below are more details on each of the three locations.

First ruins

When we attempted this challenge, we opted to go to the ruins in the northwest first. These are located right at Shark Island, north of Coral Castle. Head to the center of this area to gain credit.

Second ruins

The second ruins we recommend visiting are the ones by Catty Corner. They’re found right at the base of the mountain, close to the gas station.

Third ruins

Finally, head northeast of the previous spot, alongside the shore, to find the last ruins, just north of Retail Row.

After you’ve visited the third ruins, you’ll earn credit for completing the challenge and gain 24,000 XP for your battle pass. It’s not a difficult challenge; it’s just a bit of a pain since you have to travel across opposite ends of the map.

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