Here’s how to solve the Ablution Statue Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is full of gory scenes and strange monsters, but there is still something deeply rooted about something called the Ablution Room. This huge bathroom is centered around a huge bath filled with blood, hopefully, surrounded by four statues.

For anyone who has played the Resident Evil game before, these statues are obviously something that can be turned around and somehow played out for progress. For those who don’t have this, it can be a little overwhelming.

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Either way, this guide explains everything you need to do to solve the Ablution Room icon puzzle, and I promise not to make any poo jokes. There are no spoilers in this guide, plus it is better to mention that an ablution room exists inside Castle Dimitrescu.

Inside the Ablution room, you’ll find four statues, a woman on a horse, a woman with a bottle of wine, an imaginary woman with a wine glass, and a group of farmers with some grapes. Each statue can be rotated 90 degrees so that they face the statue to their left or right, but not one compared to a pool of blood. In the far part of the room, there is a plaque on which is a riddle, giving you a figure of how to arrange these statues.

You will receive this single key to solve this puzzle, but you need to do it. The most important key is that women are blind to men, meaning they cannot look at them. To drain the water from the pool, you have to make sure that each statue is pointing in the right direction, arranging them properly using puzzles.

The peasants (“poor” in the riddle) have to face the horseman (“their lord”). The rider will have to face the woman with a bottle of liquor but she will not be able to cope with it (“men go blind”). Likewise, the imaginary woman with the wine glass will not be able to cope with the farmers.

So, it means that both women have to face each other. Once you have all the statues properly arranged (see later images), the liquid in the pool will be removed, allowing you to access the castle.

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