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Here’s 10 essential tips for Arena Mode of Apex Legends in Bottle Royal

by Mohit

Apex Legends has released Arena Mode as part of their Season 9 update, also known as The Legacy Update. While Apex always follows the simple Bottle Royal blueprint, Arena Mode gives a unique spin on the genre.

The arena is more battle-focused, allowing players to deal with their favorite weapons and legends without the worry of a third-party team. In fact, Arena Mode is a different experience than Apex fans have grown to love. Apex Legends has 10 important tips for playing and winning Arena Mode.

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What is Arena Mode?

Arena mode is a 3v3 round-based game where teams focus on winning a quick engagement rather than turning in the finished ring. At the beginning of each round, players prepare items for the creation of custom load-outs. As the round grows, players have more crafting materials to play with. It works similarly to the Roose Company, a free-to-play third-person shooter that developed First Watch Games.

Players fight with smaller map-off sections of the larger Apex Legends map with rotation maps unique to Arena Mode. The goal is very easy to win: eliminate the enemy team. Players can still restore each other, but once you are dead, you will be out until the next round begins.

As the round grows, players get better armor, so there is no need to worry about buying or finding it. By Round 3, all players will have full plea armor.

When players are fighting, there is a ring that closes the two teams together. We will take part in how to play in the ring later. While “Kill the Other Team” may seem too simplistic, Arena Mode in Apex Legends takes some coordination and nuance that players can’t use. Join our 10 Tips for Arena Mode.

Building your Arena loadout

When creating your loadout in Arena Mode, it will be tempting to buy two primary weapons. While the lure of an AR/Sniper combo is hard to resist, players should only buy one primary weapon and focus more on healing items and ordnance. Players will also be buying their Hero’s class abilities in the shop. Hero abilities are essential in Arena Mode as they can flip the battle on its head.

Crafting material canisters 

There are canisters of crafting materials placed throughout each map. Some maps keep them evenly split between both teams. Others, like Phase Runner, have materials meant to be picked up by one team. However, both teams can access it. Picking up these crafting materials will grant each team member 200 bonus crafting materials to spend on the next round. That’s another shield battery, Hero ability, or med kit they may be able to buy.

The best Legends for the Arena 

We wrote this guide to make Arena Mode accessible to everybody, which means this section will be geared toward the default Legends that players have access to. Those who have purchased and unlocked other Legends are free to experiment with which Legends suit their needs. However, they’ll find that the base cast of Legends is some of the best equipped to get the win.

  • Bloodhound
  • Lifeline 
  • Bangalore 

Play the circle

When the round begins, you can see where the first ring is going to close. Players who can get to and hold the boundary of that first ring will be at an immediate advantage. However, you can assume the other team is thinking the same thing. Be ready for a fight right off the bat, and use Bloodhounds Eye of the Allfather to see if you’ve got company.

How to win Arena Mode

Although it may seem it, the Arena winner is not decided by the first to win three rounds. Instead, winning teams must win by a two-game margin over their opponent. That means a team can win 3-0 or 3-1. However, they’ll have to win 4-2 to be crowned the champion.

Rounds will continue in a deadlock until a final sudden death round crowns the winner. Developers implemented this extended system as too many players were getting shut out 4-0 or 4-1 in five-round games. Nobody likes getting blown out of the water for four straight rounds.

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