Homemade Sony PS5 Slim game console only has 20mm thick in shape

The Sony PS5 game console measures 390 x 260 x 104 mm (92 mm for the digital version), making it one of Sony’s largest game consoles ever.

Although Sony usually releases Slim ultra-thin versions of its game consoles in three or four years, Matt from the YouTube channel DIY Perks couldn’t wait, so he made a PS5 Slim in his heart, only 20mm thick, and also comes with water cooling.


Matt’s solution was to keep only the PS5 console’s motherboard, build a shiny copper case himself, and cover the entire board with water cooling for the motherboard, flash memory, power supply, VRM, and other components. Matt revealed that the shell alone costs more than the PS5 console.

In terms of power supply, the original power supply of PS5 is a 12V 31A power supply, and Matt can easily find a suitable replacement. He chose the 750W HP DP5-750RB A power supply, which can provide up to a 12V 62.5A power supply, which is enough for a Game console + water cooling power supply.

After a series of operations, the homemade PS5 Slim runs Horizon: Extremis in the West compared to the original PS5 game console, the chip temperature is reduced by 13%, the memory temperature is reduced by 45%, and the VRM temperature is reduced by 38%.


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