Jin Conception another extraordinary RPG game is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC

Another extraordinary RPG is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC. As with Among Us or Gnosia, the traitor must be found.

Jin Conception is a turn-based tactical RPG game based on social deduction. There are eight suspects in the game, and each time the culprit is assigned at random.

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When one of the three characters who went to a place called “Final Layer” returns and declares that he does not remember anything, the player needs to investigate and find out the circumstances of the incident.

Then you need to vote for someone who might turn out to be a traitor. In addition to the detective component, the game has role-playing elements and a tactical component. You have to fight in a group of three people with different opponents.

A trailer for the combat system has been released. Jin Conception arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on May 12, 2021.

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