Latest Call of Duty Mobile Game brings new gameplay Mission Battlefield for limited time 

by Mohit

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Launched in 2003, it focuses primarily on World War II games. Over time, the series saw games between the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space.

These games were first developed by Infinity Ward and later by the Treyarch and Sledgehammer games. Other developers have made a number of spin-offs and handheld games. The latest title, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 2020 released on November 13th.

Recently, the in-car music of Battlefield of Duty officially launched Jay Chou’s playlist, you can cut songs when you get on and off. This is formally launched for both iOS and Android users also can play together.

Today, it is officially announced that the new gameplay-Mission Battlefield will be opened for a limited time. This is a 3A-level large map tactical mode.

Users of the Call of Duty mobile game can open the settings, select “Battlefield of Duty Settings”-“Vehicle Settings”-click the “Onboard Music” button and then find the vehicle in the Battlefield of Duty and click to get in the car – A Jay Chou song will be played randomly, and the song will be cut when getting in and out of the car.


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