Latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Flames of the Nether update is now available for free

by Mohit

The latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Flames of the Nether is now available with a free generic update. Get your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, or Xbox One. Go to the gaming console/platform of your choice and get the latest Minecraft Dungeon content now.

As part of this update with Nether DLC’s Flames for Minecraft Dungeon, the developer is getting an amazing new feature – Ancient hunts. They systematically produced end-game missions that were woven inside and outside the Netherlands.

This massive update brings new endgame content, enchantments, balance changes, and a whole lot more. Also releasing is a brand new DLC that challenges heroes through the harsh landscape of the Nether.

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The important thing to know about Ancient Hunt is that it is the best way to get rare items and the only way to get Gilded item drops. Gilded Items – New array elements with the additional enchantment slot. They look beautiful and give them a beautiful golden glow.


Before we started work on the Nether update, we had a few primary design goals in mind:

  • Give players a highly replayable, highly procedural way to play in the endgame.
  • Keep existing content relevant and mix content in ways players have not seen before.
  • Give players interesting secrets/rare rewards to find.
  • Expand on the existing item and emerald economy, and give players an outlet for excess resources.
  • Give players agency over how a mission plays out.

Alongside the introduction of Ancient Hunts, we’re making significant changes to how Apocalypse Plus works.


Just as with Ancient Hunts, we had a set of goals in mind when we first designed Apocalypse Plus:

  • Near-infinite perceived progression as a result of rapidly increasing difficulty.
  • Few players should ever reach the end of Apocalypse Plus.
  • Limited actual progression, such that we can add to it later down the line if needed.

New Enchantments

  • Pain Cycle (Melee)
  • Artifact Synergy (Melee)
  • Cooldown Shot (Ranged)
  • Shock Web (Ranged)
  • Artifact Charge (ranged)
  • Reckless (Armor)
  • Beast Burst (Armor)
  • Beast Boss (Armor)
  • Beast Surge (Armor)
  • Fire Focus (Armor)
  • Lightning Focus (Armor)
  • Poison Focus (Armor)
  • Soul Focus (Armor)

New Weapons

  • Broken Sawblade
  • Mechanized Sawblade (Unique)
  • Bone club
  • Bone Cudgel (Unique)
  • Twisting Vine Bow
  • Weeping Vine Bow (Unique)
  • Cog Crossbow
  • Pride of the Piglins (Unique)

New Armor

  • Sprout Armor
  • Living Vines Armor (Unique)
  • Piglin Armor
  • Golden Piglin Armor (Unique)

New Artifacts

  • Blast Fungus
  • Powershaker
  • Spinblade
  • Thundering Quiver

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