League of Legends to bring new skins in the upcoming 11.5 update with enhanced features

by Mohit

League of Legends has released 11.4 updates to break down the changes in the Festival with an all freestyle record. The latest 11.4 patch brings small mini-rework to the chosen system along with changes to Lanterns, dominant Traits, and reroll carries to promote comp pivots and create new combinations.

In this patch, developers look towards Bot Lane, where short-range champions like Samira have been slashing, dashing, and bashing things up. It’s not recognized, so Samira is a particularly hot potato, her Ban rate is excellent but her resistance rate is high, so they hope these changes do not disappoint her to play.

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Speaking of slashing, developers are arranging for Katarina (Urgot) to restore their on-hit builds that affected our changes to Kraken Slayer. The other people on the buff train were Fiora and Lee Sin because of racial differences.

If this patch feels particularly heavy, the developer took the pass to reduce the overall strength of the forest. As the rewards from the camps diminish, so does the power of the jungler for games. Now, you can share the results of your successes (or defeats) equally with your peers.

The developer of League of Legends shared information, that there are no new skins in this patch, the upcoming 11.5 updates will bring some good stuff.

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