Leaks suggest Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege’s next operator will use new kind of healer

by Mohit

Ubisoft has begun sharing small details about the next season of Rainbow Six Seas, beginning with North Star. Information is scarce so far, but we know that the next operator on February 4th will be a native of Nakoda in western Canada. Healy is an Art of North Star shared by UBI based on an actual air and sea rescue helicopter used by the Canadian Army (Augusta Westland CH-149 Cormorant, Copter-Heads for you).

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Users want to control the whole donkey helicopter that is under siege, it is very low. Leaks and rumors about the next operator of the siege, along with the theme of Search and Rescue Prison, codenamed “Thunderbird” (Cool). We have been hearing for a while that a new type of healing operator may be in effect and it may be a pity to examine an upcoming gadget recently shared by R6leaks on Twitter.

Thunderbirds, perhaps defenders, can deploy these “corner stations” that will somehow fix nearby players. We can assume that there is much more than an operator icon indicating a slight medical cross on the device.

R6leaks also shared a brief low-resolution clip of the device, but it doesn’t reveal much about how it actually works. Based on the recent track record of the siege with its existence and gadgets, it seems that Kona will fix those standing near it, friend or foe.

However, the new treatment gadget is a big deal. From the start, the Doctor’s fine style is the only way to cure pistol protection. In an attack, Finka’s nano boosts give temporary health promotion to all his comrades at once, but the attackers still do not have the proper.

The same credible leaks also indicate that the Thunderbird Spear.308 Adult Rifle is accessible as a defender, which is noticeable. Attack rifles are generally reserved for attackers only for balance reasons and some exceptions usually range from some type of trade-off to range or optics. The Thunderbird version of Spear is likely to come with similar trade-offs. According to Ubisoft’s regular schedule for the pre-season, we should expect to hear a lot about the North Star next week.

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