Mass Effect Legendary Edition used mods as benchmark for its improvements

by Mohit

In an interview with PC Gamer, one of the developers said that fan mods were used in the work on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Users have posted many mods on the Nexusmods portal for the Mass Effect series of fantastic RPGs. BioWare is aware of fan art and has used it as the gold standard for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition reissue.

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Mac Walters, the project manager, spoke about this in an interview with PC Gamer. Nevertheless, during the development process, it was decided not to stop at the level of custom modifications, but to surpass them. Still, third-party users have far less access to the game’s resources than the developers themselves, says Mac.

One of the team members, Kevin Meek, also praised the fan mods, in particular those that improve the graphics by using its artificial intelligence upscaling (scaling). However, he added that developers are capable of more. Unlike fans, they can work with uncompressed sources, full-resolution textures.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released on PC and consoles on May 14 this year. BioWare’s digital bonus giveaway is running until May 31st. On the PS4 console, the game will take up a lot of hard disk space.

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