Netflix making live-action Gundam animated movie, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Netflix is ​​partnering with Legendary Entertainment and Sunrise to produce a live-action Gundam movie. It is led by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of ‘Kong: Skull Island’.

Recently, the project which is currently working under the Gundam is very limited. Brian K. Vaughan, who worked on’ Runaways’ and ‘Y: The Last Man, is appointed as the screenwriter and executive producer. Legendary Entertainment Will be distributed directly and will be aired exclusively on Netflix in all countries except China. Also, Cal Boyter, who produced ‘Detective Pikachu’, is in charge of the production. The director is Jason Young, and no release date is currently set.

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Currently, Netflix is ​​not saying anything about the storyline of the movie. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the universe will be set as the background as in the original work. If it goes exactly the same as the original, one can expect a huge battle in which the armies of the space colonies wage a war of independence against the people of Earth. The plot of Netflix Gundam is expected to be released next month.

From what has been shown so far, it’s a perfect production scenario for Netflix, Legendary, and Vokt-Roberts. Netflix has spent the last few years producing its own animations at the same time as blockbuster movies, spending huge amounts of money. Netflix avoided answering questions about IGN’s budget, but the subject matter of Gundam is the best combination that both movie fans and animation fans can catch. As shown in ‘The Witcher’, it is Netflix’s wise decision to target the global fan base.

As Legendary, which is having a legal battle with Warner over the distribution of ‘Godzilla vs. Bean’ and’Dune’, some of the troublesome situations that occur here can be ignored. Currently, Warner has objected to the decision to show the two films on Warner’s streaming platform HBO Max as soon as they are released, as a one-sided decision that was not agreed upon. Legendary invested in the two films and decided that Warner’s decision would result in the loss of theater openings. According to Deadline, Netflix tried to buy Godzilla vs Bean for $200 million, but Warner stopped the decision.

The first Gundam series, “Mobile Suit Gundam,” was created by Tomino Yoshiyuki and debuted in 1979. Since then, numerous Gundam series have appeared, and the plastic model of Gundam is the most popular among Bandai’s products. Currently, there is a life-size Unicorn Gundam standing in Tokyo.

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