PlayStation 5 will receive more variety of games: PlayStation Studios CEO

God of War, The Last of Us 2, and Ghost of Tsushima are three big hits from Sony that have garnered the approval of reviewers and the interest of gamers. But a closer look reveals a similar pattern. In a recent interview, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst raised the issue of diversity in the company’s games.

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“I am very interested in creating a wide variety of products. In fact, the kind or form in which they appear is less interesting to me than the fact that they are diverse and distinctive. ”

“I think the games we make are as diverse as possible. From Sackboy to Astro Bot, Dreams and games like The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. We will continue to release them as they are the heart and soul of what we do at PlayStation Studios. But at the same time, we are also committed to creating quality products, experimenting, and presenting fresh ideas. ”

Hulst’s words may be a consequence of the statements of the journalist Jason Schreier, who wrote that Sony does not experiment, does not take creative risks, and plans to release only high-budget similar games.

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