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PUBG Mobile developers suspended over 2.5 million accounts for accessing game

by Mohit

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally available to download for players in India. If you’re interested in trying it out, apply to be a part of the beta program. In case you can’t sign up yet or face an internal server error, wait out a bit and try again. New slots are expected to open up at regular intervals.

Interesting players can now go to the KRAFTON official website to download and install the beta versions of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is expected that the company will soon start releasing, this is India, which are exclusive versions of the famous PUBG mobile for the average user.

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In the meantime, the developer of PUBG Mobile permanently excluded 2,567,950 accounts across the globe from June 11 to  June 17. To focus on zero tolerance for cheaters across the game including the action for both cheaters and cheat providers.

PUBG Mobile developers conduct their efforts every week of every month to identify and resolve fraudulent providers at the source of unauthorized third-party software for hacking.

Additionally, PUBG developer security and enforcement teams also issue bans regularly – seven days a week – to individual offenses or repeat offenders. The combination of regular bans plus large-scale brainwaves is an integral focus of our efforts.

The majority of reasons includes:

  • Modification of Character Model
  • Speed Hacks/Modification of Area Damage
  • Other Hack

These are the accounts that are banned permanently:

  • Bronze: 12%
  • Silver: 5%
  • Gold: 5%
  • Platinum:11%
  • Diamond: 23%
  • Crown: 28%
  • Ace: 25%
  • Conqueror: 1%

The majority of reason Banned Cheats:

  • Modification of Area Damage: 67%
  • Speed Hacks: 8%
  • Modification of Character Model: 2%
  • X-Ray Vision: 8%
  • Auto-Aim Hacks: 12%
  • Others: 3%
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