PUBG Mobile India: Release date, gameplay, and more – How to download

by Sheetal

As per the current reports, there’s good news for the PUBG fans who were eagerly waiting for the game’s comeback in the country. PUBG Mobile India is going to launch soon with a new website in India.

PUBG Corporation has now announced a new game that has been created specifically for the Indian market – PUBG Mobile India. The company also plans to create an India subsidiary to “enhance communications and services with players.”
But PUBG Corporation hasn’t revealed exactly when the new game will be released in the country.

PUBG Mobile India also posted the first teaser on its social media handle, featuring famous PUBG mobile personalities Jonathan, Kronten, and Dynamo.

Following the announcement on Thursday, PUBG Mobile India will soon go on the floor with some additional changes for the Indian market. As per the source, PUBG will hire over 100 employees specializing in business esports and game development, for the Indian subsidiary.


To solve the data and privacy security-related concern, Pubg will conduct audits and verification on the storage systems holding the user’s personally identified, information to boost up the security and assure that their data and privacy are safely managed.

On the other hand, to create a healthy and safe gameplay environment, the company will improve in-game content and tailored to reflect local needs.

For the Indian gamers, various aspects of the game will be customized such as virtual simulation training ground setting, new characters automotive starting clothed, and green hit effect in place of red.

Earlier, the most popular PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India by the country’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, along with 116 other apps of Chinese origin.



[NOVEMBER 21, 2020]

It looks like the PUBG Mobile India launch is around the corner. Several PUBG game lovers saw the APK download link on the official website. The game Download button was visible but it was not working.

On the website, there were two buttons – GET IT ON Google Play and APK DOWNLOAD.

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