New leak for PUBG New State gives players a glimpse of Erangle and Troi maps

The upcoming new releases from Krafton Studio – PUBG New State that has been a huge success in the world of mobile gaming between gamers and across the internet. However, this new game is open to pre-registration in the Google Play Store which offers special benefits for up to 20 million bets.

In the new meantime, new information indicates that PUBG New State has a new map that will come with additional fixes. Other than that, a new map appears as Erangle, while previous reports have indicated that PUBG New Sate will be set on Troi map.


It looks like Krafton will bring both maps of this new PUBG avatar as this game will allow us to enjoy the future. Meanwhile, Erangle featuring major cities such as Georgopol, Pochinki, and Yasnaya Polyana, which offer weapons including AKM, MK 47, etc. could easily accommodate the upcoming new setup.

PUBG New State New Lobby Style

The inline, tipster shared a new lobby style for PUBG New State, where this new map appeared. However, if the company actually plans to add style to the new reception area, it will come with a lot of refinement.

This new lobby style will feature the Erangel Map with a different mode of positions, staff, military passes, families, and more events to discover new skins and rewards.

As of now, we have received many news, leaks, and offers for PUBG New State to be published about its release date, maps, new changes, pre-registration, and more. However, Krafton only confirms that it will open a second alpha test elsewhere in August.

Keep in mind that Krafon has not yet provided any terms with regard to the above information. Therefore, before concluding anything, we will have to wait for the official announcement.

The developers are working hard to provide the classic battle royale experience in addition to next-generation gameplay, rich content, and graphics that exceed the limits of mobile gaming. They hope players are excited for the official launch of PUBG: New State.

PUBG New State: Pre-registration 

There’s a bunch of new gunplay as well with a host of weapons too. As per the Google Play Store page, Krafton is touting “realistic gunplay optimized for mobile gaming” and tonnes of different weapon types and customization.

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