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PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile: What are major differences between these two PUBG games?

by Mohit

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royal titles that has been a huge success in the world of mobile gaming. Now, PUBG Creation is expanding with a new title called PUBG Mobile – New State.

Battle Royale millions of players are very excited after the announcement of PUBG New State. However, the pre-registration is already open for this latest update on the Play Store.

To earn more multiplayer definitely the PUBG New State brings new vehicles, weapons, a full Battle Royale experience next-gen mobile graphics unparalleled gunplay, and more.

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Here are the major differences between the two battle royale titles including PUBG Mobile global version and PUBG New State that every player should know about:

  • Futuristic backdrop
  • Weapon customization
  • Maps and Next-gen survival feature
  • Exclusive gaming graphics


Futuristic Backdrop

PUBG New State is a battle royale title with a futuristic backdrop and is set a few decades after PUBG, 2051. The players will be parachuting on a brand-new battleground – Troi, a city that has been pushed into an era of darkness. Unlike the PUBG Mobile global version, players have numerous ultra-modern firearms to fend off their foes.

Weapon customization

Players will be able to make their weapons in PUBG New State using the customization kit. These kits can transform and buff up the weapons in numerous ways, including performance, fire mode, and more. This feature is not available in PUBG Mobile global version, though it has an element of attachments. In theory, it appears to be slightly different from weapon customization.

Maps and Next-gen survival feature

PUBG New State will be a completely new open-world battleground. Troi is an 8×8 km open world. Users can move around it using various new vehicles, like bikes, buggy, and few cars on display in the game’s trailer.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile features maps of numerous sizes, with Erangel and Miramar being 8×8 km, Vikendi 6×6, Sanhok 4×4. The two latest additions, Livik and Karakin, have an area of 2×2 km.

Besides this, the upcoming title will feature combat rolls, drones, futuristic ballistic shields, and more. Meanwhile, such features aren’t available in the PUBG Mobile Global version.

Exclusive gaming graphics

Krafton Inc. revealed that PUBG New State Mobile would feature an exclusive new technology in terms of gaming graphics. Developers claim that the new technology easily surpasses all existing technology in terms of mobile gaming graphics.

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