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Returnal for PlayStation 5 is majestic DualSense showcase

by Mohit

Since the release of the PS5, many – including me – have appreciated the revolutionary technology behind the dual gen controller. Most PlayStation exclusives support hepatic feedback and adaptive triggers to some extent, and third-party dialysis support is also growing, but the Astros is not a big showcase for technology aside from the game room.

It has now been changed that the Returnal came on the PS5. You called it the first real next-gen game and it is no exaggeration. Due to the PS5’s SSD and exceptional controller, it remains invisible in a small part.

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The small shock of pressing a button on the control panel. DualSense is taking you into space, and you are striving to travel with Selene. It is almost indescribable how it can use its different functions in its subtle ways to make different functions really look different.

Some kind of haptic feedback is every work you do on Returnal. When Celine jumps, you feel. When she drowns, you feel it. Even when she pulled out her atropine blade and killed it in the air. Pressing the left toe to run provides another blow as if you were kicking from the starting point of the race. The way Haptics works allow you to experience these movements through the controller.

All of this technology works together, creating an enchanting experience that you often do not find in other games. It also shows why the return is not on the PS4 – and why each should not be unique. It would be a completely different experience without the dual-in controller regardless of the console’s SSD and near-instant loading. I can’t imagine Returnal in any other way. It’s one of the best PS5 games out there right now.

Drawing your map and scrolling through your list also uses Dualvision’s haptics. All of this is beautifully complemented by its 3D audio and built-in microphones in dual sin, capturing the haunting sounds of the Atropos and transporting you to the Giger-esque alien planet.


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