Steam platform Linux market share reached 1.18%: Report

According to the Steam June software and hardware report released by Valve, the number of players using Linux systems increased by 0.06% from the previous month, accounting for 1.18% of the overall players.


In contrast, macOS accounted for 2.45%, an increase of 0.25% from the previous month. Windows accounted for 96.37%, down 0.31% from the previous month. Although the number of Steam players using Linux systems is still relatively small, it has been steadily increasing in the past six months.

In January of this year, Linux players accounted for 1.06%. After half a year, Linux players increased by about 0.1%, mainly due to the launch of the Steam Deck handheld. The hardware report shows that players using the AMD Custom GPU 0405 GPU in Linux systems increased by 2.37% from the previous month to 7.57%.

This puts the AMD Custom GPU 0405 ahead of the AMD Radeon RX 480 and GeForce GTX 1060 as the most heavily populated hardware in Linux systems. And this GPU is the graphics processor on Steam Deck. On the CPU side, Valve said Intel’s Steam on Linux gaming CPU market share increased 0.68 percent to 54.4 percent, compared to AMD’s 45 percent.


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