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These are the best Xbox Series X multiplayer games for 2021

by Mohit

After an unequal console cycle with the Xbox One, it is intended to bring back Microsoft’s latest console ship. The Xbox Series X is the next generation powerhouse that competes with gaming PCs, but the Xbox Series S is an affordable stopgap for those interested in trying out new games.

There is no shortage of games to play on the console thanks to the Xbox Game Pass which gives players instant access to a library of old and new titles. This is an added value on top of all the new games available in the built-in catalog system, take advantage of its impressive technical specs.

When it comes to first-party exclusives, the Series X is still growing. It has not been launched with the killer app and it does not seem to be ever found. Halo Infinite is currently the largest of the works, but no more in 2021. This will change soon as Microsoft’s recent Bethesda acquisition brings uniqueness in the near future, but the strength of the console lies in third-party collaboration.

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With the Series X and Series S in the world, we have put together a list of titles by current new Xbox games that new console owners should not miss.

It may be the best multiplayer game of its kind. Two-Player Adventure Game is a love effort by Hazelight Studios and director Joseph Fors. Instead of pitting players into each other, it is a pure collaborative game in which players solve puzzles and stage at once. Each level has completely new mechanics that keep things fresh during the 12 hour adventure. This is a multiplayer game and it shows.

Good cooperative games are hard to come by. Although there are plenty of multiplayer games, some authors ask players to work together to make progress through the story. This is a very rare example of a game that cares as much about the article about multiplayer mechanics. It is a brilliant narrative framework that blends perfectly with the genre built on good communication and collaboration between players.

This is a multiplayer game that protects your friendships and does not destroy them:

Hitman 3 

Control: Ultimate Edition

Tetris Effect Connected

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Gears Tactics

Immortals Fenyx Rising

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