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Top 5 games alternative for PUBG Mobile on Android devices

by Mohit

PUBG Mobile is the most popular multiplayer worldwide and the best Bottle Royale. This game was created with Unreal Engine 4 as it focuses on visual quality, maps, shooting experiences, and other areas to provide an all-around battle royal gaming experience.

But, if the player wants to know or try alternative games just like PUBG Mobile. This article will guide you through the top 5 games as a substitute for PUBG and their description. Check the details below.

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  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Battel Royale
  • Free Survival: Fire battleground
  • Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

1. Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, the span and the total number of people in Battle Royale match in COD Mobile is similar to PUBG Mobile. Also, the game has a good collection of weapons, which players can use to end their enemies.

This game also offers a multiplayer mode where players can enjoy match types like Search and Destroy, Domination, etc. The cinematic graphics of this title makes the gaming experience better.

2. Garena Free Fire – The Cobra

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are very popular games and compared often by the players. The matches in games last about 15 minutes each and there are a total of 50 players.

The title “The Cobra” comes with citing updates and redeem codes, giving players access to new skins and features. In terms of skins, Free Fire has a huge collection of quirky skins that players can use.

3. Battel Royale 3D: Warrior63

The gameplay of Battle Royale 3D: Warrior63 is quite similar to PUBG Mobile. The main thing that this game is compatible with low-end Android devices and consumes less memory.

The game lasts about 15 minutes and the map of the game covers an area of 4x4km, as well as players must remember to stay away from the Poison Circle.

4. Free Survival: Fire battleground

Similar to PUBG Mobile, this game also about survival and shooting. Players need to come on the battleground and with the help of essential supplies and necessary weapons protect themselves from enemies.

Moreover, fire battlegrounds can also be played when players do not have access to the internet. They can pick the interesting story mode in this case.

5. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

The realistic guns offered by Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games will definitely remind the weapons of PUBG Mobile. The snipe lovers will surely like the Online Sniper Tournaments hosted by this game.

This game also offers to play the game without internet and can opt for the single-player campaigns in the story mode, which are segregated into 12 chapters.

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