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Twitch on SharePlay and new Game Center widget unveiled at WWDC 2021

by Mohit

In fact, available to Apple as early as 2021, the power isn’t just there, wrapped up in details and all the new and exciting things to do, and each of the Apple platforms has been in the store. Even though it is mainly focused on the new iOS, there are a number of units, integrations, and games included in Apple devices.

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Watch Twitch with SharePlay

SharePlay is a new way to spend time with people who are not around you. SharePlay allows people to share their screens so they can watch videos together. This works also with the Twitch app, allowing viewers to watch streams.

In-game events display on widget and app store

In-game events can be displayed right on the home screen with the new app events widget. This will be posted so players can know when big events are happening. The events will also be on the product pages of the games in the app store.

Apple owners can curate their preferred apps so they will be notified on the widget for games and apps they are actually interested in. Events found in mobile games like Pokémon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes will now be easier to find without constantly checking inside the apps themselves.

Game Center now a large widget for iPads

The Game Center is now a large widget that players can apply to their iPad screens. This now-dedicated screen can house all game information and achievement progress in one place. Players can have their friends list on this widget so they know who is active and who is playing which game.

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