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What’s next in COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies for its midseason update

by Mohit

Call of Duty is preparing for its mid-season updates everywhere from the Blacks Ops Cold War to Warzone. Today, almost a week before the update goes live, Treyarch gave fans a preview of what’s coming in Zombie Mode on May 20th. Among the highlights of the ad is the main quest that finally comes to the spread mode, when to expect an update on the new ground-based map and fishing?

The biggest zombies updates are coming to Open-World Mode Outbreak, which takes place on a huge map. The main quest of the biggest change mode and the combination of traditional zombies Easter eggs.

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Although the mode has been out for a few months, the quest will only be added on May 20th, as Treyarch has done so, giving players enough time to explore the map instead of focusing on the quest.

Another unique feature of this major innovation is that only the first section of it will be added on May 20th. The quest begins in Season 3, but it actually continues into Season 4, leading to the release of Zombies’ latest ground-based map, according to Treyarch’s Zombies Blog.

Spreading in the new update was not the first major quest. Fishing is also taking place in the mode. Unfortunately, Troyark left us with a teaser announcement that fishing was coming and revealed nothing more about it.

It may be a new way to get objects or gear, and it’s almost certain to be used as part of a major quest, but there is no way to know if this feature is official until it arrives.

The new update for Black Ops Cold War and the upcoming Zombies for Warzone will go live on May 20th. In addition to the range, the patch also adjusts the general maps and the range of weapons on the Mystery Map. , Make changes in the Dead Ops arcade and adjust the weapon balance.

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