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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic games could arrive until next month, confirms Blizzard

by Mohit

World of Warcraft: Blizzard has confirmed that the Burning Crusade classic will be released in the coming months. The classic server selection for the first official expansion of World of Victron could get off to a good start on June 1 next month, and while this is still a possibility, fans have questioned whether this actually happened.

This means that the expansion will be released worldwide within a month and the Blizzard Burning Crusade has officially announced a pre-patch date.

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The launch date of the Burning Crusade Classic is still in the air, although the release is imminent, the beta will be available on PTR from March.

President Daniel Allegri and Chief Commercial Officer Armin Zerza also cited the release of the expansion during a recent call with Blizzard-Activision’s investors. During the call, the latter confirmed that the extension would be released in the coming months.

“Blizzard has captured this moment for the upcoming introduction of the modern game and The Burning Crusade,” Allegri told investors. The expansion was first introduced in 2007 for the Wo Classic. Burning Crusade received critical acclaim during the launch and we look forward to the upcoming release to engage current customers more deeply, bring back classic fans and bring completely new players to Wo Classic‌. ”

Zerza continued, “Now I’m going to output for quarter two and a full year. Our expanded teams are focused on providing epic-game and advance content about Slate,” the executive said.

This means that we continue to support our franchisees with new game-content content, events, and features that are important elements in our business as we focus on connecting our communities and keeping player investments throughout the year. In terms of pre-releases, we will be releasing the Burning Crusade Classic‌ in the coming months. . ”

All the details about the activation of clones can be found on a special page . On May 18, a patch will be released that will prepare players for the update of the World of Warcraft universe.


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