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Xbox Could reveal five new games at E3 2021, suggests tipster

by Mohit

Recently to a new rumor from the esteemed leaker, the E3 will release five new games at E3 2021 next month. The new comment came from  Klobrille, who has an old record of leaking Xbox-related ads ahead of time.

Among the Xbox forums, current plans include the Xbox showing five newest, AAA games in E3 2021 next month in June, although most of the plans are still “fluctuating”, although Clobril quickly added that anything could change now and then.

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According to Lecker, these five ads include games around both the Xbox Game Pass and Bethesda Game Studios. In fact, Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft in September 2020, and the deal was finalized earlier this year to bring the European Union forward.

Currently, there are no indications that these new games are likely. Klobrille did not specifically name a particular game, but Leaker specifically mentioned that the five new titles included Bethesda-related games, so we’re going to look at a new game from Bethesda Game Studios or owned studios. Bethesda likes Tango Game‌Works or Arcane.

For E3 2021, there are now a few weeks until the showcase starts on the weekend of Saturday, June 12th. As it goes on throughout the next month, visit our full E3 2021 Schedule Guide for more.

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