Download Google Camera Go Mod APK with Night Mode [v1.8.3]

by RPRNA Group

Google Camera Go offers a very familiar experience for anyone that has used a Pixel smartphone. You can say, Google Camera Go is a repackaging of the camera prowess we have seen on Pixel smartphones — and numerous unofficial GCam ports — for even the most basic of Android hardware.

It offers features like Portrait Mode for smartphones. It is made for very modest hardware and weak internet connections. The Google Camera Go app can run on almost every Android device as it does not require the Camera2 API. It also works on Exynos processors. The Google Camera Go APK works on all the phones running Android 10, 9, 8, or earlier.

The official Camera Go APK v1.8.3 doesn’t include the Night Mode option. Thanks to the developer Wichaya, you can now download the Google Camera Go modded APK. The APK also includes the Night Mode option and some minor edits.



Here is the changelog of the Google Camera Go Mod APK:

– Hide HDR layout.
– Changed resolution from 48MP to 12 MP for ZF6.


Download Links:

Download Google Camera Go 1.8.3 APK Mod

Download Google Camera Go 1.8.3 APK

If you want to check the latest GCam for your device, head to the dedicated page here.

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