Good Lock 2020: Coming on February 3, check complete changelog

Samsung’s Good Lock — an app that not only lets you customize the on-screen look of your Galaxy smartphone, but also alter the way you use your lockscreen and notifications.

Samsung is going to release a new version of the Good Lock app. The Good Lock 2020 will be released on February 3, 2020, according to the Korean Samsung community moderator. This timeline is for South Korea, it will eventually go live in other regions as well.

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It will bring support for the One UI 2.0 and Android 10 OS. The latest version is coming soon than the Good Lock 2019, it was released on March 7 last year.

The Good Lock 2020 app will bring big improvements along with the Android 10 OS support. You can check the complete changelog below (translated):

  • Common
    • Dark Theme support.
    • Follow the One UI 2 principle.
    • We have also updated the profile information to the new version in the information of Good Lock.
    • I put the splash screen of Good Rock main APP
  • LockStar
    • The biggest change is internally.
    • Added the ability to automatically arrange elements to match the background. (On-Device AI Technology)
    • Added a notification detail view that was requested by many users.
    • Provides a lock screen auto-off time setting.
    • Starting with One UI 2.1, FaceWidget has been resized.
    • Other settings UI has been improved.
  • QuickStar
    • Improved coloring segmentation and visibility
    • Clock central position (except for Hole or Notch challenges) is supported.
  • TaskChanger
    • As Google’s OS changes, most work has been done.
    • Vertical style is added
    • Provides an internal VI queue to distinguish between quickswitch and gesture actions.
  • NotiStar
    • Added custom function for lock screen entry point handle
  • MultiStar
    • Finally, press and hold the Recent button (Recent) to quickly run the app to the split-screen or pop-up menu.
    • Popup screen execution You can adjust the size of the gesture area.
    • You can set it to keep certain apps even if you delete them from recently used apps.
    • As soon as the pop-up screen is closed, it remembers the last position and runs it there again.
    • Multi Sound moves to Sound Assistant.
  •  NavStar
    • Unfortunately, NavStar has a late problem and will be looking for it a bit later.
    • Please note that the menu may be displayed depending on the SW update of the terminal. (Sequential progress)
    • Implemented navigation hide feature that was deleted by policy.
  • ThemePark
    • You can create a theme for dark mode.
    • We added a lot of requests for manual color settings instead of auto.
  • One Hand Operation
    • Auxiliary handle can be added. You can experience a variety of experiences on the big screen like a tablet.
    • Added a quick toolbar function (Mobile Data, Game Booster).
    • You can execute various activities by expanding the home screen shortcut function.
    • Added vibration feedback setting.
    • Color change of animation is now possible
  • Sound Assistant
    • Internal implementation remains and will be available with new features at the end of February.
    • Provides a menu to provide a vertical style of the volume UI.
    • Moves MultiStar’s multisound function and provides it with the Volume add-on.

Additionally, the company also working on new features for the home screen and new wallpaper. It is also reviewing the feedback and suggestions we sent you on an ongoing basis.

Good Lock was first released in 2016 with Android 6.0 OS support then the company updated the Good Lock app in 2018 with Android 8.0 OS support.

How to get the Good Lock app?

Good Lock is currently available for the download from Samsung’ s Galaxy Store. Get it now.

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