Good Lock 2022: Features, Release Date, and App Modules with Android 12-based One UI 4.0

Samsung provides an interesting application, Good Lock, for flagship Galaxy devices. This app includes several excellent services called modules and applications, which make the One UI software system highly customizable.



As usual, some Good Lock apps and modules are no longer compatible with devices running One UI 4.0 based on Android 12. Since the UI customization is based on the operating system, the company needs to re-optimize Good Lock.

In a recent development, Good Lock in charge in South Korea shared the full plans for Good Lock 2022, which will be made for Galaxy devices running One UI 4 based on Android 12. The upcoming version will provide many new features and better modules and applications for everyone.


Samsung has started planning One UI 4.0 update based on Android 12 for Galaxy devices. Earlier, the company had revealed that the stable One UI 4.0 update will be rolling out for Galaxy phones later this year.



After the official release of the One UI version, it will take some time for Good Lock to work in the new One UI, and many inconveniences, because the functions used at that time did not work.

This year, Samsung engineers are doing their best to make GoodLuck ready for everyone to use. At the same time, with the official opening of One UI 4 (although this is very difficult for developers), the gap between not being able to use Good Lock.


  • Good Lock 2022 operating on One UI 4 will open in November (before the official One UI 4)
  • Home Up Task Changer function will be available in December
    • (As are other functions, but especially since it is a function that depends on the most on the OS, it is always difficult It’s a big feature, so please comment on the developers as well)
  • Updates with new features will be done in January 2022

Updated: Now, Samsung One UI 4.0 (Android 12) supports 9 Good Lock modules.

  1. LockStar
  2. QuickStar
  3. ClockFace
  4. MultiStar
  5. NavStar
  6. SoundAssistant
  7. Key Cafe
  8. Theme Park
  9. Nice Catch

Features of Good Lock 2022:

According to the official proposal, Samsung hopes that our customers will like it, and the new features of Good Lock that we are preparing with enthusiasm are as follows.


  • Improved Lock widget editing function:
    • Provides more editing functions such as Alpha, Lock icon replacement.
  • Edit AOD:
    • It is possible to edit (On/Off) the elements composing AOD.
  • Decorate your lock screen with stickers:
    • You can decorate your lock screen with various stickers.


  • My Watchface: You can set up a watch face made with Watch Face Studio on the device in conjunction with the Galaxy Watch 4.


  • Samsung Dex :
    • Supports high resolution regardless of connected accessories, and you can use more apps at the same time.
    • On tablets, if possible, the DeX screen will also be turned vertically.

It’s a bit vague to confirm it’s January, but there were a lot of voices hoping the Good Lock team would do something about making better use of the Z Flip 3’s cover screen. (The function you expect is correct) When it is finalized and confirmed, it will be given as a gift to Z Flip 3 customers.


  • Apps screen portrait mode: You can check the app icons by swiping up/down on the Apps screen.


  • Create your own stickers: You can use unique stickers in conjunction with the Samsung keyboard.

Nice Catch

  • Added settings to improve usability of screen capture and screen recording functions.
  • You can choose not to save screen capture images to the clipboard, and automatically activate Do Not Disturb when screen recording.


  • Add video wallpaper: You can set the video file as the wallpaper of the home screen.
    • Another interesting function is being prepared, and we will update it after seeing the completeness of the requirements.

One Hand Operation+

  • Gesture Hot key: Execute a function by passing a shortcut to the running app as a gesture.
  • Screen Move: Moves the screen with gestures to help click in areas that cannot be reached.


  • Volume panel theme available in DeX mode.
  • You can use voice modulation effect in VoIP or Sound Recorder app

//Sammy Fans

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