Good Lock’s Wonderland updated to version 1.0.26 (October 08, 2020)

Good Lock‘s Wonderland module helps you to create moving wallpapers and activate your inner artist. It allows you to add your favorite images and create a motion effect. You can use various particle effects to simply and easily create a moving wallpaper of your own.

Samsung has updated the Good Lock’s Wonderland app to version 1.0.26. This update has a size of 40.52MB.

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  1. Creating a motion effect for your wallpaper. You can also set up a motion effect for an image of your choice.
  2. Creating a particle effect your wallpaper. You can set up a particle effect for images of your choice, use presets, and directly set up effects.

How to use Good Lock Wonderland Module:

To use this module, go to open the Good Lock app, tap on the Family tab then tap on “Wonderland” to install it from Galaxy Store. After installation:

Open wonderland > Provide permissions > Press Start > Select a moving wallpaper

To create a moving wallpaper select New and then select a background image followed by motion effects, then tap Save.

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