Google announced more AI-based enhancements to Google Lens

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In this year’s Google Search On event, the company announced major improvements to Google lens. This is an upgrade of iOS, Android, and desktop. Google Lens is Google’s AI image recognition service, released on Android phones in 2017 as a spiritual follower of Google Goggles.

However, as of this year, it is still only available on mobile phones. Google Lens has also received the latest updates on you. These three improvements are all big changes to the platform, especially as Google introduces enhancements to AI.


Google Lens Upgrade

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Enhancements

This year, Google announced the Multitask Unified Model, or MUM, in I/O. Google claims that MUM can simultaneously understand the information in a variety of ways, such as text, images, and video.

It can also draw understanding and point out connections between ideas, topics, and ideas about the world around us. The company shared an example of being able to choose a shirt pattern from a Google search and try to find the same pattern on socks. This feature will introduce you to Google Lens in the coming months.

Google Lens on Desktop

A few months ago, Google Lens on the desktop was seen when images clicked right. It was a change on the server-side that needed to be enabled, and not everyone had it.

Google is now releasing this feature for everyone in the coming months. Photos, video, and text content on a website can be searched through the lens to quickly see search results on the same tab.

Google Lens on IOS

All images in the Google app on iOS are now searchable in this lens. Google calls this “Lenses Mode”, and lets you search for images that can easily be purchased on websites as you browse through the iOS Google App. This feature is restricted to the U.S. Right now, and there is no word for land liberation yet.


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