Latest Google Camera (Gcam) 8.2 update brings new features and improvements

GCam, also known as Google camera is a camera application offered by Google for the Pixel devices. It enhances the user experience and comes with many powerful and functionalities over any other camera app. The Pixel camera features HDR+ with dual exposure controls,  Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, Top Shot, Portrait, and Long Shot.

The difference can be easily noticed in the picture quality as we compare the shots taken by the GCam to any camera service offered by any OEM. Not only the hardware but excellent software is also required to get an enhanced picture quality. The GCam is the only optimized camera app using which users can get clear and vivid shots.

The latest version 8.2.204 comes with new features that allow users to record hands-free video simply by easy swipe. Users will now be able to shoot videos just by a long press on the shutter button like the Instagram and Facebook stories.

The update also adds a night sight feature in the camera modes itself that will help the users to get clearer and high-quality images in low light conditions without switching to the night mode. Additionally, you can also use locked for the videos of long performances and you can also use Cinematic Pan for smooth, and panning shots.

The previous version of GCam was the GCam 8.1 and if required then you can download the GCam version 8.1 or the previous one from here. Although, we recommend you to go for the latest version of the Google camera which is the GCam 8.2. The download link is given below:

[Download GCam 8.2 APK here]

What’s new:

  • Night Sight in Portrait and Camera modes – Get the same Night Sight results in low light without having to switch modes.
  • Video stabilization modes – Use Locked for videos of long performances, when you want to look away from the camera. Use Active in heavy moments. Use Cinematic Pan for smooth, panning shots.
  • New zoom buttons – Use zoom buttons to quickly zoom in or out. To use the full zoom slider, tap and hold a zoom button or pinch-zoom.

[Download GCam for Samsung phones]

Let us know in the comments below if you face any issues with the above GCam version.

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