Google Camera vs OxygenOS Camera: Which works better on your OnePlus phone?

OnePlus OxygenOS Camera Google

OxygenOS camera is an amazing application for the OnePlus smartphone users. The standard app enables you to capture high-quality snaps and brings ultimate modes and features. However, Google Camera does the same thing for you. Hence, today we are up to see which app is better for OnePlus phones: Google Camera or OxygenOS Camera.

It’s a well-known fact that the Chinese tech maker has imposed excellent camera sensors on its devices. Despite the tech-pack lens framework, the company provides its users with a self-developed camera app, to accelerate the photography scenes.

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Although, a few third-party apps assures much better features, functions, as well as experience. And one such is the Google Camera. While the consumer market may not have been much satisfied with Pixel phones, Google’s apps have been a big hit with users.

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Eventually, Google Camera counts as one of the best Google apps. Not only among different Android phone makers but even many OnePlus fans believe that Google Camera works efficiently, and surprisingly takes much better photos as compared to the stock camera application.

OnePlus OxygenOS Camera Google

Google Camera App – Key Points:
  • Better clarity in photos
  • Better night photos
  • Less noise in images
  • Accurate colors
  • Sharp and good-looking images

Though OnePlus OxygenOS Camera also takes good photos, not as realistic as Google Cam. It smoothens the snap and reduces the noise as well. Yet, it lacks details and vibrance in the surroundings.

Consequently, the company has done fabulous work with the hardware camera. But the software application still requires improvements in the performance aspects. In short, both apps will play a significant role in enhancing your photography. Yet, Google Cam is leading this race, at least for the current scenario.

So OnePlus users! Which camera app do you use on your device: OxygenOS or Google? Which works best for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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